Invest in our Students!


We are always accepting applications for the following:

Field instructors                                                                                                                      

Certified Teachers (for both curriculum development and instruction)

We also have occasional internship opportunities available, which can be tailored to your skills.  

The qualifications we value most for field instructors are:

  • Medical training with current certifications. (Wilderness First Responder, CPR, Lifeguard, EMT certifications, etc.)
  • Due to logistics, our first preference is for applicants already living in Hawaii, and especially on the Big Island.
  • A personal appearance similar to professional expectations for teachers in a traditional middle school or high school setting.
  • Experience camping, outdoor cooking, hiking, snorkeling, etc., especially on the Big Island.
  • A safe driving record and the ability to drive large four wheel drive trucks and vans safely.
  • Knowledge and teaching skills in Hawaiian history/culture, natural sciences, and sustainability. (Geology, Astronomy, Biology, Renewable Energy, etc.)
  • Experience/enthusiasm working with teenagers.
  • Competency with cooking.  We deal with large amounts of food, complicated menus, and detailed resupply planning.  It’s one of the biggest parts of the job!
  • The ability to see things that need to be done, and do them without being asked.
  • Strong moral character and professionalism: All applicants must be able to remain 100% alcohol, tobacco and swearing free while leading trips.
  • All applicants must be at least 21 years of age (and 25 is even better), for insurance purposes.

We expect to hire very professional, competent, high quality leaders to be part of our team.  Please email your resume to

Current needs for certified teachers: Building the place-based curriculum for our Environmental Science summer course has involved a college professor, high school teachers, and field scientists thus far.  Part-time teaching positions are available for those with experience and certifications in the following areas: curriculum development general environmental science alternative energy habitat restoration and monitoring with GPS systems If you are interested in teaching any of these areas, send your resume to Curriculum-writing opportunities will be available in all core subjects in the future. Those with experience teaching outdoors and collaborating with fellow teachers to integrate multiple subjects will be in high demand.