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Summit to Sea Environmental Science


Ever wonder what you’re missing while stuck in a classroom?  On this exciting study abroad opportunity, you’ll learn it… and live it!  The island is our classroom with tropical beaches to snowy mountains at our fingertips.  Taught by an adventurous professor, you’ll immerse yourself in this place.  You’ll find friends for life.  You’ll make a difference in the world.

On our learning adventure we’ll tackle questions such as: 

    • How do we prosper while living in harmony with our environment?  


    • How can I conserve energy, without living in the dark? 


    • Where does our food come from, and how do we feed a growing population?


  • How can I contribute to my home community?

During our “down time,” you’ll do things like:

  • Snorkel Hawaii’s best reefs 
  • Backpack to Waimanu Valley
  • Explore active Volcanoes
  • Go for Waterfall swims
  • Discover black sand beaches
  • Enjoy Mauna Kea sunsets and world-class stargazing

Who knew learning could be so fun?  

As we dive deeper into the course, we’ll explore the topics of:  

IMG_2653Watershed and Ecosystem Health  What makes an ecosystem healthy?  How do we keep it that way?  Find out “hands on” through water testing technology and natural succession lab experiments in Hawaii’s most pristine environments.  We’ll study the interconnectedness of life from the mountains to the sea.  “When we pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything in the universe.” John Muir.  

Food Systems  Visit thriving farms like HIP Ag, on the forefront of the local food movement.  Get your hands dirty in Waipi’o Valley harvesting Hawaii’s most culturally significant food, taro.  “Harvesting taro made me feel happy, free, lucky, small, and strong.” Olesya C. Portland, OR  “This is my first time eating a banana that didn’t come from a store!”  Ana M., Berkeley, CA

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESEnergy Live comfortably from solar power while discussing renewable energy and energy controversies.  Explore cutting edge technologies that make our future bright!

Sustainable Communities  Living with your peers, you’ll contribute to an organized and highly functioning group.   You’ll be inspired by the early Hawaiian’s management of natural resources.  You’ll be immersed in a culture that few visitors ever truly understand.  “I realized Hawaii isn’t just a place where rich people go to resorts.” Kyle M, Hillsborough CA

Service  Earn a certificate for 20 hours of meaningful service.  Give back to the environment we’ve enjoyed by preserving some of the most endangered species in the world.  Work alongside field scientists to help them manage their preserves, and feel their enthusiasm.  “Take care of the land, and the land will take care of YOU!”  Uncle Les, Waipi’o Valley farmer

For your Final Project, you’ll develop a plan to apply what you’ve learned to your home community.  Read about our students’ past work!

The planet belongs to future generations.  As students- you are that future generation.  Take the lead, and join us!  

Dates:  Stay  tuned  for  next  year’s  details!Enroll in Hawaii Outdoors Institute Courses

Ages:  14-17


Questions?  Email    Or call our office (808) 775-8155 * SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE!   (Many of our students attend with generous financial aid.  Don’t hesitate to apply!) Summit to Sea syllabus  Many public and private schools award HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT for this experience.   You’ll return with a notebook, a grade, and transcript to show your counselor.  All schools are different, and getting prior approval is highly encouraged.  Please print the syllabus to show your school in determining whether they will award credit.