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Each Hawaiʻi Outdoor program is as hands-on as possible for the students, providing immersive opportunities for growth and personal development while learning science and culture. Our trips maintain four focus areas: leadership, education, culture and service.


To provide opportunities for personal growth, this is a student run program. The students lead, teach each other, cook, clean, and make group decisions. Within this structure, students naturally learn collaboration, contribution and leadership. Our crew provides information on various leadership styles for students to try.


Each student receives a handbook with age appropriate lessons. Each day the student kumu (teacher), reads a prepared lesson on the dayʻs activity, such as reef restoration or marine debris removal. The kumu presents the materials and opens up the topic for group discussion. This primer allows for many spontaneous teachable moments throughout the day.


Hawaiʻi is rich with opportunities to expose students to authentic cultural experiences, aloha is readily apparent in our daily lives. Students may engage with farmers harvesting kalo (taro) and making poi, attend a cultural presentation from kupūna (elders) about current issues, or visit the Imiloa Astronomy Center to learn about traditional wayfinding.


Hawaiʻi is a special place and to keep aloha alive, an essential component is kulena (responsibility) to the land and each other. The motivation to give back to one’s community is a goal of our program. We seek to make Hawaiʻi a better place and this often translates to our students’ communities upon their return.

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