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Will the Water Come Back

One of the biggest issues in Pleasanton, CA and all of California is the lack of water in most places. The drought in Pleasanton has had a severe effect on the community. In the past years the drought has affected the way many people live because of the cut back on showers, watering plants, washing cars, and etc. Pleasanton use to be a nice green area where people came to have nice picnics in the park and to go enjoy the county fair. Pleasanton now consists of occasional forest fires and dry rivers because of the lack of water. Pleasanton has had so much development in the last ten years. More people move to pleasanton each year and as more people come the more water is used. The rivers and lakes provided a great water source for many living organisms. The California drought has caused many plants to die and for most to suffer the consequences.



People have come up with many ideas to save or conserve water. Many of the people in Pleasanton fill up huge water tanks with recycled water and water their plants with it. Even with all these ideas many people and animals have moved to greener areas which is causing new drought areas. Many of the residents in Pleasanton have been using more water than others which is causing the conservation of water to get better slower. As the community comes together we can better California. The question is if people would help?                                                                    


There is a solution that is really easy and everyone could benefit from this. This mechanism is called Grey Water. Grey water is the relatively clean waste water from baths, sinks, washing machines, and other kitchen appliances. This can save a lot of water and reduce water bills by a great amount. It is simple to build if you like to build and it is really straight forward.

imgresThis is Pleasanton’s current situation:


Lake Del Valle 

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