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The way to REALLY clean up Port Washington

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My name is Matthew, I live in the peninsula town of Port Washington New York and I have lived there my whole life but something has always been a thorn in my side. The amount of trash in the streets and on the beaches is unnerving. My mom always told me I had to wear shoes when I walked on the beach because of howpic 2 much glass and trash there is. When I walk on the beaches in my town they are hard and dirty but when I visit places like Hawaii, Florida and the Bahamas the beaches are clean, soft and beautiful. This is caused by people who have parties on the beaches and boats and are not responsible with their trash and it falls in the water and then washes ashore. The streets of my town have bits of trash here and there and it because many of the streets in town and in the neighborhoods don’t have enough trash cans. There is a community group that goes out and cleans the streets but they meet only once a year and don’t try to clean the beaches. All of the trash on the beaches and streets take away from the beauty of the town. I believe that the changes made needpic 1 to be more drastic. There needs to be groups that meet multiple times a year to make sure that the streets are clean.I also believe that there needs to be more trash cans in the streets and neighborhoods around the town so people walking around have a place to throw away their trash. My town has the potential to be very clean and free of trash. With a population of over 15,000 people the potential for a large scale cleanup is possible. I also know the people who are control of keeping the town clean and I would want to help start a new program to thoroughly clean the town, and help create a way to make sure people are more responsible with their trash. I also plan to write a letter and create a petition to send to the town hall.

Dear_____ , I have lived in Port my whole life and I have always noticed a problem with the amounts of trash on the streets of the town. I know there are recycle and trash cans in town but there are none in the neighborhoods. I am a student at schreiber highschool and I walk home everyday and I see kids and fellow neighbors either carrying around their trash or throwing it on the ground. So I believe that there needs to be more trash cans around town for people to use.


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