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The Waste Complication

The City of Angels:

The Waste Complication

Greeting my name is Matthew Leonard, and I live in Lake Balboa, one of the many cities in the El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles, or as some know it as, the Los Angeles basin.  After living there the entirety of my life in a variety of different geographical locations, I have identified the very neglected, but huge problem of trash pollution and materials management.  The obstruction and ultimately, the destruction of alleys, streets, habitation arrangements, and public spaces have been determined detrimental, but many people neglect the risks of letting human manufactured pollution ruin not only their communities, but kill lots of marine life by having rubbish go to the ocean, and even have it flow all the way to south point on the big island of Hawai’i.
Given the task of pondering, researching, and executing this operation, I unraveled a few different plans or ideas on how to deal with the situation at hand.  The rubric for researching data includes using minimal amount resources to achieve a temporary goal, has to be dynamic and adjustable according to locations and resources, and able to pave way for future objectives.  After delving into different web pages, I came up with numerous ways to meet the 3 criteria.  The objectives I came up with include investing in more rubbish bins, organizing my CACC brigade to perform community cleanups, and to raise awareness about the impacts of rubbish been carelessly abandoned.


Rubbish bins are very scarce necessity to keeping pollution off the street in Los Angeles.  On multiple sites, it has been reported that only 700 trash cans in an area of almost 500 miles.  I imply that communities should purchase, install, and manage waste bins until the city adds the bins to their grid.  Acquiring more waste disposal bins will not only benefit by having reduced the amount of stagnant pollution exponentially, but it can benefit the economy also by adding jobs in managing the collection sites and disposing of it.  For my individual community, I discovered bins for 40 dollars online.  I would initiate a community fundraiser to kick start the rubbish bin collection with a target goal of 4,000 dollars for approximately 80 trash cans, but including the installation of the rubbish bin.  I would offer a proposal to the community’s board of directors and enlighten them with my idea.  I could also offer the idea to my community’s rotary board to spread the idea around to give to other communities the fundraising idea that the rotary could support with funding.


Community cleanups in this day in age are vital to prevent waste from staying in any given community.  I am part of a California Cadet Corps unit, which they would very much enjoy the opportunity to perform some meaningful community service cleanup as a cadet brigade.  I would arrange for it to be a joint project for the community and the brigade.  This would not only benefit the community by helping clean up the area and helping our brigade gain popularity in the community, but it could also raise money if we were to offer baked goods for sale.  This would pay for not only the disposal of waste, but it would also pay for proper Personal Protective Equipment for participants and the removal of hazardous waste such as sewage.


The best way one could stop pollution from becoming an inevitable doom is to prevent it from forming in such great masses.  The most effective, most efficient, and cheapest way of doing so is to raise awareness in booklets and to have more classes and panels on where trash goes and its impact on the global environment.  To raise awareness, I could design and create information packets and children’s book about where trash goes.  I could also encourage people to pick up any litter because of the consequences it creates.


In all, I feel that the amount of trash in the Los Angeles basin is a frighteningly real threat that has seemingly infinite ranks of lingering rubbish that needs to be dealt with.  The communities need to pressure the government to add more trash cans to the city and they need to enforce littering and illegal dumping violations strictly and swiftly.  We must perform our function and oath to thy home to protect and maintain it with tenderness, elegance, and swiftness, or else the inevitable will happen, and it will be the ultimatum where we abandon and sever our denounced habitation of this Shangri La, to only be abandoned and denied refuge if we refuse to accept our responsibility.  Thank you and good day.



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