Invest in our Students!

Earth Explorers

We find it increasingly important to get our island’s children outside and socially engaged in meaningful ways. We take small groups of students on environmentally focused field trip days to enrich their learning and sense of connection to the island and their peers.

Our educational excursions take students from mauka to makai through an engaging series of themes, lessons and activities that immerse them in the natural environment and support their growth. Our lessons center around agricultural sustainability, traditional values, creative expression, emotional intelligence and wilderness skills.
Our focus is on meaningful exploration, connection to the elements, group cooperative games and deepening inquiry and observation in nature and with peers. Students are encouraged to notice things in their environment – internally and externally – and work towards service and stewardship projects with environmental organization partners as well as local aunties and uncles.

Capstone stewardship projects include tree planting, reef surveys, fishpond restoration, beach clean ups and cultural site revitalization.