Invest in our Students!

Tuition and Financial Aid

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESTuition:  We highly encourage the strength of diversity amongst our students- culturally and socioeconomically.  We have adopted a sliding scale tuition to attract a wide range of students.  Our goal is to make the HOI Semester accessible for all, as well as economically sustainable for HOI. 

Sliding Scale Tuition:  $10,000 – $17,500

 To determine a fair tuition for each student, we use “School and Student Services by the National Association of Independent Schools” (SSS by NAIS).  They take into account your overall financial picture and determine a fair tuition amount for your family and our school.  Our admissions criteria are completely need-blind.  We like to accept students regardless of what their families can pay.

SSS by NAIS charges a one time fee of $47.  It’s one form, for one fee, for any number of siblings, for any number of schools. Pretty good deal!  In fact, you may have already paid if any of your sons/daughters have attended or will attend a private school.

When considering the cost, please keep in mind this is a private boarding school experience which provides all student food, lodging, transportation, outdoor gear, curriculum development, and educational materials.  Your tuition must also cover professional teacher salaries, insurance, and many other expenses.  As a non-profit organization, we receive no public funding and minimal private donations.  We believe the HOI Semester makes a valuable impact on our students, our planet, and our future. We sincerely thank you for supporting our mission!

Ready to find a tuition that works?

P1050130.jpgStep 1:  Click

Step 2:  Click “Website for Parents and Families.”

Step 3:  Click “Complete your PFS” (Parent Financial Statement) and follow the prompts from there.  *When they ask, our school’s SSS code is 9097.  Questions?  Call SSS directly at 800-334-8328.  

Once your PFS is submitted, you’ll immediately receive your suggested contribution amount as determined by SSS.  They also email us the results the same day.  We will contact you soon after to talk over any details, set up an individualized payment schedule and begin the next enrollment steps.