Invest in our Students!

Packing List

For a printable packing list… Click here!    Packing List-Summit to Sea

*All group gear and meals are provided. Please pack small and light whenever possible. All gear should
go in a duffel bag or hiking backpack instead of a suitcase, if possible. You’ll be able to do laundry
weekly. Student cell phones will be collected the first day and stored safely at our office until weekly call
home days. We’ll call you a few days before the trip to say hello and answer any last minute packing questions.



P1010312[ ] 3 pairs of lightweight, quick drying shorts
[ ] 5 lightweight T-shirts (polyester works well; avoid 100% cotton if
[ ] 5 pairs of underwear
[ ] 1 old set of clothes to get completely muddy in taro farm.
[ ] 2 swimsuits
[ ] 1 pair of lightweight long pants
[ ] 1 Fleece or sweatshirt (nights get chilly)
[ ] 1 Rain jacket
[ ] 1 set of VERY warm clothes for a few hours on Mauna Kea. Pants, jacket, long under wear, beanie, etc. (Temperatures may drop into the 30’s!)



[ ] 1 pair of sturdy walking shoes (broken in!)
[ ] 4 pairs of socks (synthetic materials like cotton/poly blend work best; avoid 100% cotton if possible)
[ ] 1 pair of slippers/flip flops/Tevas/Keens
[ ] 1 extra pair of old closed toed shoes to get wet/muddy in taro farm (high top neoprene booties work best, if you have them)



[ ] Small daypack
[ ] Large backpack (for 3 day hike)
P1060707[ ] Light sleeping bag and very small pillow
[ ] 2 small towels
[ ] Headlamp (works best) or flashlight with new batteries
[ ] Toiletries (small bottles of shampoo, soap, toothpaste, sunscreen, insect repellant)
[ ] Mess kit (reusable cup, bowl, plate, spoon, fork, butter knife)
[ ] 2 large water bottles (At least 32 oz each. Bringing less risks dehydration!) or CAMEL- BACK and 1 water bottle
[ ] 3 small plastic grocery bags for wet clothes/shoes
[ ] Neoprene rash guard shirt for sun protection while swimming (long sleeve if possible)
[ ] Sun glasses and hat for sun protection
[ ] Spending money ($75-$100 for souvenirs, occasional Shave Ice, etc.)

That’s it!  You probably have most of these things already.  Happy Packing!