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Our students do amazing things.  They return home inspired to start school Earth Clubs, to volunteer with City PLAnts, to reduce their use of plastics, or to make their homes more energy efficient.  Many of these accomplishments are inspired by their time at HOI.  We’re proud to send students off with the tools and determination to make a difference in the world!  They become the social entrepreneurs who solve problems and bring communities together.

Many of them could not do it without help from you.  Please partner with them on their journey.  By doing so, you can make a difference. Invest in them!

Play Again Scholarship

Inspired by the award-winning documentary Play Again,  this scholarship goes to students from inner-cities with little access to natural places, like Reese from LA.

Hawai’i Kuleana Award

This scholarship is awarded to local students who are dedicated to making Hawai’i a better place.  Many of these recipients attend Honoka’a High School.  These students are given the tools to be future community leaders.

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