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We want all interested and deserving students to have the Hawaiʻi Outdoors experience, regardless of their economic situation. We are especially passionate about providing the opportunity for teens who live in urban settings with little access to natural places.

We have two scholarship options available, depending on the interested student’s situation:

  1. Play Again Scholarship – for any student demonstrating financial need
  2. Hawaiʻi Kuleana Award – for students who are Hawai’i residents

Each scholarship provides up to 50% of the tuition for our courses, and details for each are found below.  Before applying for scholarships, students should complete the initial application for their course of interest.  Scholarships are awarded on a first come first served basis.  We encourage students to apply as early as possible to be considered in initial rounds of giving.

Play Again Scholarship

the Play Again Scholarship is available to all teens who demonstrate financial need. Connecting youth to the outdoors is a central part of our mission. Those with financial need shouldn’t miss out.

Inspired by the documentary Play Again produced by Meg Merrill, a member of our Board of Directors. Play Again documents the camping experiences of urban teens and discusses the challenges of connecting youth to the outdoors in our modern, high-tech society.

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Kulena Award

Many students from the Hawaiian islands have not fully experienced the natural, historical, and sacred places of their native land.  Because of the high cost of living, affording excellent summer programs is not an option for many families.  The purpose of the Hawaiʻi Kuleana Award is to offer support for motivated students who demonstrate financial need, attend school in Hawaiʻi, excel in their coursework, and feel that conservation of Hawaiʻi’s natural places is their “kuleana” or personal responsibility.  If you meet these requirements, please apply for this scholarship.

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