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“The Conversation” on Hawaii Public Radio

The caller ID popped up as “Hawaii Public Radio.”  I thought, “They’re calling to ask for money?  But their fund drive just passed!”   I’m an avid listener of NPR and Hawaii Public Radio, so I answered ready to finally donate a few dollars.  Instead, it was a producer from “The Conversation,” a show that interviews various people throughout the Hawaiian Islands.  They wanted to do an interview with me about Hawaii Wilderness.  “Sure!” I said, a bit nervously.  I asked if they usually give people the questions ahead of time so they could prepare a little bit.  “Nope, you just go for it,” she said.  “But the host will brief you before you actually go on the air.”

So the day comes and I’m talking on the phone to the host, Chris Vandercook.  He briefs me, sort of, and next thing I know we’re talking about Hawaii Wilderness.  After about 15 minutes he says, “OK, thanks so much, that will do it!”  I actually asked, “So… are we going to do it live now?”  “No, that was all taped.”  Oh wow!  I had no idea that was the interview.  I was just getting warmed up!  Thank goodness for editing.  They can take out most of the “ummms” and “uhhhs” and they made it sound ok.

In the end, it was fun!  I feel honored that people out there might want to listen to what we’re doing at Hawaii Wilderness.  If you’re interested, you can listen to the recording below.  I come on at 45:30 into the show.  Thanks for listening!

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The Conversation on Hawaii Public Radio


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